Printing bingo tickets for a wedding, excursion or company party?

Go to the bingo generator browser application, with which you can create the desired number of randomly generated bingo tickets. The bingo box texts come from the list you provide.

Bingo application development proposals and feedback can be sent using the contact form.

Quick instructions for the bingo generator

  1. Enter one bingo text per line in the text field
  2. Click Generate
  3. Click Print
  4. Save or print the PDF file from the preview

Bingo generator documentation

Enter one bingo text per line in the text field. There can be more texts than bingo boxes. The bingo generator randomly draws one text per bingo box. The same text will not appear more than once on one bingo ticket.

RowsNumber of rows in the bingo grid.
ColumnsNumber columns in the bingo grid.
CopiesNumber of randomly generated bingo forms. Will be merge into one PDF file.
Font sizeFont size. Test and adjust.
Banner imageAn optional image at the top and bottom of the bingo screen.

In addition, you will see the following information.

InformationWhat does it tell
=xxThe number of text lines at the top right corner of the text area input.
Number of unique sheetsHow many different bingo forms can be created with the settings you gave.

One bingo grid should print on one page in the PDF file. The application has been tested with Google Chrome and Brave browsers.

You can get write the texts for the bingo cards in any language.

The bingo generator does not save your data. You should save the bingo texts to yourself, for example, in a text file or a note application.

Printing the bingo sheets

Possible issue when printing the bingo sheets.

Printing problemWhat to adjustInstructions
Cell size variesApp inputUse smaller font
Margin around the bingo gridPrint previewAdjust margins.
Eg 2 or 4 bingo grids per paperPrint previewPages per sheet.
Bingo grid wrong sizePrint previewScale, eg 50%.
Picture goes randomly to the next pagePrint previewPrint only specific pages.
Bingo grid dimensions wrongPrint previewCheck that paper size is A4.
Adjusting width and height independetly-No way, the bingo grid must be square.

Laptop browsers probably have wider variety of printing settings than mobile devices.

Wedding bingo

Bingo has been one of the most popular programs it the recent weddings of my friends. Weddings are also the main reason to implement this bingo generator, as the need has been so obvious. Almost all the couples who got married have done their own wedding bingo in Excel.

It easily takes several hours to implement and print the unique wedding bingo cards. Now the job can be done with a mobile phone in a few minutes.

Especially at a wedding of more than ten people, making bingo cards by hand would take ridiculously long time compared to a party of a few people. That’s why the bingo ticket generator makes it especially easy for wedding planners.

The bingo generator is perfect for making wedding bingo, as the text field contains wedding-themed bingo texts by default (in Finnish at the moment…).

Excursion bingo

Bingo tickets may be needed for student excursions.

No need to go into details about how students use these bingo cards. Those how need to know… they know.

Bingo tickets for a company evening

In one of my employer’s parties, bingo was a way to introduce people to each other.

Various hobbies and personal characteristics were printed in the bingo cards. The task was to find a person who fits the description.

Why is the bingo generator free?

The application for printing bingo forms was relatively quick to make and the need is huge. Even after a few usage times the time spent on development has paid back in the scale of the society.

The server technology used is extermely resource and cost efficient. The popularity should skyrocket, so that the costs of the bingo application would rise to even one euro per month.

Bingo generator information security

The bingo application saves anonymous data to count page visits. Read more about data protection of the bingo generator.

Bingo generator updates

0.22022-11-10Improved user interface, remove the intermediate step of printing, standardize the print area, instructions for adjusting the print area, anonymous visitor counter
0.12022-09-26Initial release

Technical implementation of the bingo generator

Read here about Go web server development.