The best podcast series on my opinion.

The podcasts last typically from 30 to 60 minutes and during that time they try to find an answer to a big question such as “Why we still use cash”, “Who is administrating the internet” and “How to prioritize better”. It’s like economic version of the Myth Busters.

The episdodes are entertaining and proceed logically. To find an answers they most often interview a researcher or an experienced person on that field.

As other podcasts also this is great material for bus trips or excercise sessions. The host is Stephen Dubner and quite often Steven Levitt. They are the authors of one of the most mind blowing self-help books I have read: Think like a Freak.

Personally I use Pocket Casts app to listen the episodes. The app costs a few dollars. You can also download the episodes from the website of the show .