The Free Excel Course Online

Free Excel course.

The free Excel course - Introduction

Watch the first lecture as an example. Other lectures can be found below.

The free Excel course – Lectures

Free Excel course.

The Free Excel Course Online

The free Excel course. Compact video lectures with exercise materials for training. The lectures have an optimal order for learning.

Introduction to Excel for Excel beginners.

Lecture 1 – Introduction to Excel

Workbook, worksheet, saving, opening and options in Excel.

Formatting cells in Excel.

Lecture 2 – Formatting Cells in Excel

Change font color, autofit column width, merge cells, use bold text and set borders.

The basics of Excel formulas.

Lecture 3 – The Basics of Excel Formulas

A brief introduction how to compose your first Excel formula.

Copy and paste in Excel.

Lecture 4 – Copy and paste in Excel

Copy and paste only values, formulas or formattings in Excel.

Number formats, dates and time in Excel.

Lecture 5 – Number formats, dates and time in Excel

Learn different number formats as well as Excel’s date and time system.

Cell references - Absolute and Relative - Defined names.

Lecture 6 – Cell references and named ranges in Excel

How to do absolute and relative references and name ranges.

Tables, sort and filter in Excel

Lecture 7 – Tables, sorting and filtering in Excel

Sort, filter and summarize easily with Excel table objects.

Text formulas and advanced functions in Excel.

Lecture 8 – String functions and advanced formulas in Excel

Excel has a set of powerful text manipulation formulas. In this lecture you will learn to apply SUBSTITUTE(), MID(), FIND() and LEN().

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The free Excel course - Description

Training videos

High quality training videos.


Download the training materials for each lecture.


The order of lectures has been optimized by an Excel expert.

Is the Excel course really free?

Yes! The Excel course indeed is free and it does not contain any ads. No need to sign up. You only receive email if you want to.

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