I didn’t have high expectations for the happiness video course as other materials from the topic has been more or less useless. But this video course happily surprised me!

The content of Happiness Tips video course

The happiness video course introduced very useful frameworks to analyze happiness and offered extremely concrete tips to apply. The utility theory for example suggests that I shouldn’t evaluate my actions based on the impact to my personal happiness but the total impact to both me and my closest ones.

One lecture divided the happiness in the present and future. You should enjoy your life now while having clear future goals. This also helped me to identify better which parts I should develop. Am I lacking life goals? Do I have the goals but I’m not enjoying the present?

Other lectures dealt with happiness core issues. Does money make you happy? What makes you stressed and how to reduce the stress? One big surprise to me was that according to a research half of the happpiness is genetic.

The happiness video course only takes an hour which makes it ideal to watch in one sit.

About LinkedIn Learning

Previously I have watched video courses from Lynda.com service which is nowadays owned by social media giant LinkedIn. Which is by the way owned by Microsoft. The video courses are nowadays available in LinkedIn Learning service that is included in LinkedIn premium subscription.