What would you do with a million dollars and no need to work?

A question that arises frequently in lunch tables and other discussions.

I’m not lying very much by claiming that the most common answer to this question is general traveling or going around the world. Often work duties and difficult financial situation are barriers for the journey and that’s why the dream can be seen possible only after retirement and a lottery win. I want to proof this mindset to be wrong.


By traveling around the world without a truck load of money and humongous preparations. One-way ticket from Helsinki, Finland to Melbourne, Australia is already in my pocket. The plane will take off at the end of September.

How about… the return ticket

It does not exist. My purpose is to spend at least a month in Australia at my gf after wchich the plans are open but my goal is to go through those continents that I haven’t visited yet. That means South-America and Africa after aside of Australia.

I want to proof these three things:

  1. Around the world trip doesn’t require a lottery win
  2. Around the world trip doesn’t require enormous arrangements
  3. Dreams should be now rather than “then”

I’m aware of the fact that not all people do have similar situation in life because of financial or health issues. I admit my situation is quite optimal as I don’t have children or house to make things more difficult. Still, I think those are only bumps rather than total barriers. Besides I could chicken now and give the same excuses later. In the end the point of this blog is to inspire you to try your own limits and not to travel around the world necessarily.

My current job status is an entrepreneur but some applications have been sent recently. I’ll do the decision about the next step of my career before leaving.

Upcoming posts

In the upcoming blog posts I’ll share information about the preparations, introduce my budget and ofcourse update the stories on the road. In the past I have left unfinished so many blog series that this time I’m not taking pressures this time but let’s hope that there will be future posts…

Update: Click here to see all posts from the around the world trip.

It’s always possible that the trip will be canceled, the travel plan changes or I find a job from a nice cafeteria in Bondi beach. Who knows. Plans may change but it definitely doesn’t equal to a failure. It will be an adventure.

ps. The main picture presents the places I have already visited.



Flight Helsinki - Melbourne530€