Toggl is a mobile app for work hour recording and management. I used the Toggl as an entrepreneur to log my work hours. The app is not great because of the number of functionalities or uniqueness. Toggl offers a sleek and intuitive user interface to log working hours spent by project, task and client. You can also set the hourly billing rate to measure the monetary return. That’s how simple the app is. You can either enter the work hours manually or record in real time.

I had the Pro version which allowed enhanced grouping comped to free version. The price was 5$ per month but apparently, the monthly payment has doubled recently. If you could do the time logging with a spreadsheet application or free app, why would you pay?

For the sake of simplicity. The app works with mobile devices and browser while integrating to other information systems. The app is enjoyable to use, especially the reports. To draw a chart, you just pick the time period, the project and the task. You can import and export data easily.

I don’t have experience about co-operative usage between multiple users.