I developed a web app for personal wealth management - Presenting the result from 6 years of work

I started my first full-time job just over 6 years ago, at the end of my university studies.

Looking for Tampere-based startups to invest in

My company Yet Another Data Agency Oy is exploring opportunities to invest in startups that are operating in Tampere.

Should you start investing if a depression is coming? - Data analysis

Investing when a depression is coming. Is it bad moment to start investing to stock index that are usually seen as sage bets?

Sports betting tutorial - Can you make the living?

You can make the living by sports betting. The blog is not sponsored as I'm sharing my own experiences. Read the tutorial.

Open job application - Hire an IT consultant

Open job application: I'm looking for a job in IT consulting so I switched recruiting roles. See my awsome application video!

Moneyball, Michael Lewis - Think outside of the box

The big idea of the book is the team management by data and statistics rather than no-sense opinions. This approach revolutionized the game.