Blogging about professional topics is an excellent way to increase visibility for yourself and your company. Read the tips and experiences!

Blogging about professional topics - Experiences and tips

Blogging about professional topics was the headline that my employer Solita asked me to speak about in an internal event.


Industrial Engineering and Management in career - Video answers to questions from students

Video blog series - Industrial Engineering and Management in career See the answers in the Youtube playlist. There are English subtitles.

Power methods for knowledge workers to get your productivity to the next level: Technology, Ergonomy, Work habits and Task automation.

This is how I make my every second productive

Power methods for knowledge worker to get your productivity to the next level. The tips are grouped like this: technology, ergonomy, work habits and task automation.

I didn't have high expectations for this happiness video course based on my previous experiences. But this video course happily surprised me!

Happiness Tips, Chris Croft, LinkedIn Learning

I didn’t have high expectations for the happiness video course as other materials from the topic has been more or less useless.

Insight 2016 was a speaker event organized under Tampere ES. I got great learnings from project and event management.

Insight 2016: My lesson of leadership and management

February 2015. After a successful Excel training for students I got an idea for a new event concept. I’m encouraged by other student-organized lectures that relate to self improvement theme.

Think Like a Freak - A book review about out-of-the-box thinking. Creative thinking start from an empty table.

Think Like a Freak, Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner - A guide to creative thinking

Even though the book doesn’t define itself with these words the most important theme is so called out of the box thinking.