Go web server in Docker deployed to Google Cloud Run

I created a web server with Go language and deployed it Google Cloud Run inside a Docker container.

Are cloud certificates beneficial?

Cloud certificates are proof of developer’s competence. But are they beneficial in practice?

Pirsch - Google Analytics alternative for static website

Setting up anayltics tracking for a web page is simple. Just copy couple of lines of code from the select analytics service and you are good to go.

EmailLabs - EU based service for 9 000 free transactional emails per month

During my website migration it became evident that I would also need a new email service.

Migration from Wordpress to Hugo

Migrations are in most cases performed poorly. The reason is that companies treat their IT ecosystem as a commodity rather than asset.

Hugo SEO

Yoast SEO is addmitedly a nice plugin in Wordpress. I was thinking a lot how to replace it in Hugo.

Image optimization in Hugo

Text content of all my 300+ blog posts is less than 2 MB in size containing the metadata.

Backend for Hugo website

Hugo framework generates HTML files that load really fast. It does not have.

Hugo vs Wordpress - Performance, price and plugins

I moved my website from Wordpress to Hugo on August 2022.

My website has been renewed!

The website migration of mikaelahonen.com has completed! Here is the background why I migrated my Wordpress site to Hugo framework that generates static websites.

Databox for enterprise reporting - Review and demo

Databox enables elegant reports in a SaaS interface to be shared and published both internally and outside the organization.

Creating my first Android app - How long it takes?

Creating and Android app has been in my task list a good whil but now I decided to take the pivotal step. How long would it take?