Modern analytics platform

Develop data apps from basic reports to advanced analysis.

Integrate to business

Schdule and deliver results automatically.

Turn-key solution

Access the environment directly from browser.

What is Datalore?

Datalore is an analytics environment teams that want to move fast. Here are some examples of the Datalore uses:

Datalore use caseExample
Programming tasksEdit typos from a large number of text files
Reporting from multiple data sourcesCombined sales and marketing performance report
Automating workflowsSending sales report to email every month
One-off data analysisWhich products sell best
ForecastsPredicting weekly inventory balances

When to choose Datalore?

Complex analyses based on multiple data sources are more manageable in Datalore compared to Excel spreadsheets. In Datalore, it is possible to create interactive management dashboards directly in the browser.

Datalore may be a better alternative to Power BI if your company is not in a Microsoft environment, licenses are too expensive or there are technical blockers. You can quickly create detailed graphs and reports, as the layout is not limited to predefined drop-down menus.

Python for data analytics

Python is a dictating programming language for data analytics. Here you find material to learn more about Python.

More about Datalore

Datalore contact

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Finnish company ID: 3167545-7
EU VAT number: FI31675457
33210, Tampere, Finland