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Verify email delivery from the dashboard.

Intelligent data solutions

Notifications take data innovations to the next level.

Automated emails with EmailLabs

EmailLabs is a programming interface that allows sending emails automatically with just a few lines of code.

The service is provided by a commercial company that bills per email sent. The first 9 000 emails of the month are free!

EmailLabs headquarters is in Poland. This makes it appealing for EU-based businesses.

Read here review of EmailLabs.

Email automation as part of data solutions

E-mail notifications are familiar from app registrations and house listing sites.

An emerging use case for email automation is data solutions:

  • Monthly sales report to email once a month
  • Send a warning when a threshold on the factory line is exceeded
  • Sending a personalized offers to customers

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1. Go to EmailLabs website
2. Click Try for free
3. In the registration form click Do you have a promotional code ?
4. Type the promotional code YADA

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