10 years of professional experience of developing data solutions for business users utilizing machine learning, cloud platforms, big data and web technologies. Also proven track record to sell digital solutions.

My super power is the ability to solve complex problems by analytical thought process and clear goal setting.

During my free time I write blog posts, play ice hockey, hike, travel or pick blue berries.

Ice hockey
Chief Data Scientist
2023/12 -

Our team builds scalable data science platform for predictive maintenance, remote diagnostic and operation monitoring in mining and minerals processing industry.

Yet Another Data Agency Oy
Part-time Entrepreneur
2014/01 -

Currently delivering Microsoft Excel solutions with Simplef Oy and Pipedrive solutions with SaaShop Oy. Previosuly small data projects such as Excel macros, web crawlers, reports and websites. This is my part-time business aside of full-time employment 100% owned by me. Was known previously as Vinkki Solutions.

Silo AI
Senior AI Engineer
2022/01 - 2023/11

Certified Google Cloud Professional Machine Learning Engineer. Building and optimizing delivery of machine learning models. Designing and implementing data processing pipelines in cloud platforms. Technical support for sales.

Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer
2019/11 - 2021/12

ML models to predict equipment failures in mining industry. Designing the ML architecture and platform migration. Pre-processing pipelines for tens of millions of sensor records. Building customer reports and planning the end user experience. Co-operation with the international data science team.

Data Scientist and Data Engineer
2017/02 - 2019/11

Various Data Science and Data Engineer projects for large international industrial companies. Mostly early stage initiatives lasting from days to months where the customer was still finding the direction. AWS was the primary environment, also some work in Azure. Actively involved in sales and competence development.

Summer Jobs
2005/06 - 2013/08

Santa Claus entrepreneur during Christmases. Logistics worker in IKEA. SAP and Excel work at Valtra. Quality control at Katsa. Football and ice hockey coach for juniors. House painting. House moving. Lawn mowing. Band roadie. Industrial cleaner.

Tampere University of Technology
MSc, Industrial Engineering and Management
2014/08 - 2018/05

Major in Industrial Engineering and Management. Minor in Data Technologies. Thesis about Variables having impact to application lead time in online services.

City University of Hong Kong
Minor in Data Technologies
2014/08 - 2014/12

The time as an exchange student gave an excellent insight to other nationalities. Data and algorithm related courses.

Tampere University of Technology
BSc, Industrial Engineering and Management
2011/08 - 2014/08

Major in Industrial engineering and management. Minor in Software systems. Thesis about Internal enterprise information systems' data analytics in business development.

High School of Tikkakoski
2007/08 - 2010/05

I liked math and sports the most.