List of business intelligence, reporting and data pipeline tools.

Reporting tools

Reporting and business intelligence tools.

Reporting toolsDescriptionOpen source
DashOpen source reporting server.Yes
DataboxSaaS product to build reports.No
Datawheel No
LookerThe main BI tool in Google Cloud.No
MixPanel Simple and powerful analytics that helps everyone make better decisions.No
PanelEnable reports in Python notebooks.Yes
Power BIAffordable reporting tool in Microsoft environment.No
TableauFeature-rich reporting tool for enterprises.No
StreamlitFramework for interactive data apps.Yes
Apache SupersetData exploration and visualization platformYes

Databases for business intelligence

Database to store the data in order to generate business intelligence insights.

DatabaseUsageOpen source
Google BigQueryInfinitely scalable database, also for SMB companies.No
SnowflakeThe platform eliminates data silos and simplifies architectures in enterprises.No
AWS RedshiftThe data warehouse product in AWS.No
Azure SynapseData ecosystem in Microsoft Azure.No
PostgreSQLTypically used in app development, also suitableYes
SQLiteFile-based database for local environments.Yes

Geospatial BI solutions

Geospatial BI toolDescription
Kepler is a powerful open source geospatial analysis tool for large-scale data sets.
Carto Spatial analytics for the modern data stack.

Integration and data processing

Data integration and processing are separate steps in data pipelines. However, they often happen in the same tool. Both are needed in the business intelligence process.

Integration means moving data from one place to another. Processing is also known as data transformation or data modeling.

Alooma--Acquired by Google?
dbt xTool for model based SQL transformations.
ETLeap xxCreate perfect data pipelines and data warehouses with an analyst-friendly and maintenance-free ETL solution.
Fivetran xThe all in one data movement platform.
MatillionxxA unified platform to build pipelines and deliver data at unlimited scale.
DataMechanics xSpark on Kubernetes. xxCombined, DreamFactory, FlyData and on 2021.
Stitch xRapidly move data from source to warehouse in just a few clicks, no IT expertise required.
Talend xTalend Data Fabric combines data integration, data quality, and data governance in a single, low-code platform that works with virtually any data source and data architecture
Mixed Analytics xAPI connector for Google Sheets.
SparkxOpen source framework for large scale data transformations.

Low code platforms

Low code platformDescription
Airtable Organize tabular data in cloud.
Fusioo Create your custom online database and get rid of numerous spreadsheets. Excel replacement in cloud.

Visualization platforms

Visualization platformDescription
Vizzu Create engaging data stories

Legacy platforms

These platform are old, do not have focus, are badly documented or their pricing is difficult to understand.

  • 1010data
  • Altair
  • Alteryx
  • DataRobot
  • Domino Data Lab
  • H20
  • MatLab
  • Rapid Miner
  • SAS
  • Tibco