is an MLOps platform with the focus on Kubernetes deployments.

When to use

Those who like to have freedom to choose from wide variety of computation alternatives. Fits well also for smaller businesses who have not locked themselves to specific cloud vendor. Also the pricing tiers support non-corporation users. pricing on 2023

As of April 2023 does not publish their pricing. In other words, this means that the company has shifted from SaaS mindset to serving big corporations. pricing on 2022

The following is written based on information on their website on July 2022. platform has four pricing tier options .

With the free community edition you can run the default 4-CPU machine free for 25 hours per month.

The Starter plan is 250$ per month and enables 5 data scientists to work together. You can bring your own storage and computation. The tier includes 1000 jobs and should cover the computation for whole month.

Adding more computation resources should be relatively cheap compared to the base price.

The Advanced plan comes at 350 $/month. It has better customer support, no collaboration limit and 3-5x resources.

And obviously there is a custom plan called Pro for enterprises.


Flexible architecture makes it possible to host in various ways. You can even mix between the options to create a hybrid cloud / on-premise solution.

Hosting options are: On-premise Kubernetes, Single-node machines, Spark cluster, cloud Kubernetes cluster and cloud Instances.

Solution can be hosted on AWS, Azure, Google. Interesting also Dell cloud is an option.

Parallel computation

Spark integration is available without extra effort.

Programming languages

Python, R and Julia are supported out of the box.

Review of is an MLOps tool for end-to-end data science workloads. Provide capabilities for monitoring, tracking, computation and serving the machine learning solutions. The platform is has also collaboration components for data exploration. But primary category for this platform seems to be MLOps. is an interesting option in the AI platform market with strong emphasize on unlimited freedom.

The AI platform promotes “code first” mindset. The opposite would be a graphical drag-and-drop interface like SmartPredict. Almost any aspect of the environment can be configured.

About the company

They don’t also have an About page to know more about the company behind the service. LinkedIn reveals they operate from Israel and are founded on 2016.