Various kinds of teams from business innovation to academic research can benefit from data science platforms. Here are some examples.

Business innovation teams

Large corporations have in-house innovation teams.

Well nurtured data science platform gives all team members access to code and data as needed.

Some platforms have capabilities to share only the visualization part. This is the interesting to the managers who are not working directly with the code.

Academic research teams

Teams and individual researchers in academia can benefit greatly by organizing their projects in data science platforms.

The solutions automate lots of the boring configuration and the researchers can focus on the fun part. Data science workspace is always up and running and the setup does not consume valuable work time.

Software product teams

Software products have an application database. It holds data possibly about users, transactions and other entities.

Easy-to-use data science environment helps data scientists to get quicker insights about the digital product. Analysis topic could focus on user behavior, application performance or generating ideas for product improvements.

Business analysts

Analysts have long time made their report with reporting tools like Tableau and Power BI. Nowadays data is more diverse and demands are higher.

Data science platforms provide good solution for the advanced analysis cases. Even when an analysts write simple Python scripts, time savings from a data science workspace can easily be worth the subscription fee.

IT admins

Especially large companies tend to provide a centralized data science platform for anybody in the organization. This helps new initiatives to start quicker while keeping license management as easy as possible.

Sometimes these solutions are built and hosted in-house. Maintaining and allocating developers for such data science platform might become a bottleneck.

Commercial data science platform with flexible and affordable plan solves the issue.

Individual hobby projects

Most data science platform incur costs only when the computation is active. This makes them available for regular people with basic coding skills.

It is surprisingly easy to host your house price calculator or poker odds analysis in one of the commercial cloud services.