Comprehensive list of data science platforms. Sometimes known also as machine learning platforms, ai platforms or DSML platforms.

List of data science platforms

Read reviews about data science platforms when they exist, or visit on their home page.

Data science platformTypeDescription MLOpsEnd-to-end MLOps platform.
Anaconda Cloud Data ScienceEnd-to-end data science platform.
Azure MLFull stackFull stack data science in Azure cloud
AWS SagemakerFull stackFull stack data science in AWS
Big ML Full stackComprehensive Machine Learning Platform.
BodoData processingFaster alternative for Spark to run massive ETL jobs in Python
ClearMLFull stackRobust MLOps platform for end-to-end solutions
cnvrg.ioMLOpsMLOps platform with the focus on Kubernetes deployments
Cocalc WorkspaceCollaborative Calculation and Data Science.
DatabricksFull stackManaged Spark with comprehensive offering
Dataiku Low-codeLarge ecosystem for citizen data scientists
DataloreFull stackCollaborative data science platform with great notebook experience
Datrics Low-codeA no-code platform for analytics and data science.
Deep block Low-codeTrain AI models without coding.
Fosfor Refract Full stack
GCP BigQueryDatabaseIntegrated functionalities for ML
GCP Vertex AIFull stackEmphasize on Docker and Tensorflow
Google ColabFull stackFree platform for researchers and students
HPE Ezmeral ML Ops Full stack
IBM Watson Studio Full stackRenamed from Data Science Experience platform to current name on 2018.
Jupyter in DockerWorkspaceFree open source option for developers
Livebook in WorkspaceWrite interactive and collaborative code notebooks
Neptune AIMLOpsLog experiments and ML models versions from any environment. Full stack
PaperspaceFull stackML platform with their own data centers and IPU processors
PyScript WorkspacePython scripts in browser UI, By Anaconda
Python Anywhere WorkspaceHost, run, and code Python in the cloud
Saturn CloudFull stackData science workspace with Dask cluster
SmartPredictFull stack-

Pipelines, infrastructure and development

This site is more focused on data exploration and business value than infrastructure. For this reason, these platforms are not top priority.

ActiveLoop PyTorch data loader
Anyscale Managed Ray from the library founders. one of the founders is also Databricks founder.
BasetenBaseten is the simplest way to put a model behind an API or webapp hosted on fully managed, scalable infrastructure.
Bento ML Open source library and possibility for their cloud product
CenciusModel monitoring.
Fiddler Model monitoring
[Meltano](CLI & version control for ELT)CLI & version control for ELT
MetaFlowMakes it quick and easy to build and manage real-life data science and ML projects. Originally from Netflix.
ModelOp Enterprise ModelOps platform to govern and scale AI initiatives
Navio, craftworks Manage, deploy and monitor Machine Learning models
Nvidia Triton Inference server Inference serving software that helps standardize model deployment and execution
OctoML Automate Model Deployment at Peak Performance
Pachyderm Combined ETL and MLOps pipelines
Polyaxon Reproduce, automate, and scale your data science workflows
Qwak ML + data ETL GPU Orchestration Platform for AI/ML Teams
Sagify MLOps for AWS
ScaleTorch PyTorch at scale
SegMind Optimization and deployment platform for generative AI
Seldon Manage and audit machine learning pipelines
Square Factory End-to-end MLOps platform
Superwise ML monitoring
Teachable HubFully-managed platform bringing ML teams together to deploy, serve, and share models
Tecton Design and Manage the Entire ML Feature Lifecycle
Ultralytics Deploy YOLO models to mobile apps
Union Managed Flyte
Valohai A platform that stores all knowledge

Data science communities

Hugging Face Model sharing
Kaggle Machine learning competitions

Use case specialized solutions

This site is focused on data science platforms that solve generic business problems. These platforms will not be reviewed.

Clarifai Computer visionPlatform for computer vision, natural language processing, and automatic speech recognition.
CogniacComputer visionComputer vision platform. Partnered with Cisco.
Hasty Computer VisionDeploy AI vision solutions faster from manufacturing industry
Krista Process automationOrchestrates business processes across people and apps
Patterns Process automationApp automation including GPT


Many massive scale databases have machine learning capabilities. Their main task is to store and retrieve data.

  • Snowflake
  • AWS Redshift
  • Azure Synapse

Legacy and bloated data science platforms

This site reviews modern data science platforms with clear focus and transparent pricing. Thus, these platforms are excluded:

  • 1010data
  • Altair
  • Alteryx
  • DataRobot
  • Domino Data Lab
  • H20
  • MatLab
  • Rapid Miner
  • SAS
  • Tibco

Data processing platforms

Data processing platforms are not recognized for data science work and will not be reviewed on this site.

  • Alooma
  • ETLeap
  • Fivetran
  • Matillion
  • DataMechanics
  • Stitch
  • Talend
  • xplenty

Business Intelligence platforms

Data processing platforms are meant for simpler reporting and will not be reviewed.