The online Python worskpace Datalore has three main models for pricing and licensing. At the same time they provide logical path towards building you company’s data analysis ecosystem.

Always verify the latest pricing information from Datalore pricing page .

Datalore for individuals

Datalore individual plan is the best choice for anybody starting with Python programming. Or if you are already proficient with scripting, you might want experience the benefits of an online workspace.

Datalore individual has two variations: Community and Professional.

Community edition provides free computation with basic machine enough to work 6 hours per work day. This should be enough for most of the people working regular hours.

Professional package for individuals is around 20 $ a month. This plan is sufficient to execute long-running tasks or utilize more powerful GPUs. You can run unlimited notebooks at the same time and create as many interactive reports as you like.

In the Professional plan you can buy more computation credits if needed.

Datalore Team subscription

In August 2023 Datalore published their fully hosted and managed Team subscription. This is best choice when you have become convinced about Datalore and start to build robust environment around your data science team.

No need to install anything. Just log in from the browser, add your team members and start analyzing the data! With annual subscription one user seat would cost 30 $ per month.

When you see the list of features, Datalore Team just looks like multiple Pro licenses. Why to pay extra?

Sharing computation resources may benefit you financially. If one heavy user spend lots of compute quota but two others have only occasional needs, these average out. No need to buy extra credits all the time.

Datalore Team seats can be managed centrally. This simplifies billing and gives full visibility who can access the biggest treasures of your company, the data.

For the data scientists the biggest selling point is collaboration. They can co-operate interactively and share their analyses with each other seamlessly. Workspaces can be organized for various scenarios.

Datalore Enterprise license

Datalore Enterprise is self-hosted solution for skilled teams. Choose this option when your company has a dedicated team team to manage the server infrastructure.

You would install Datalore to your own servers or cloud platform such as Google Cloud. At the moment Enterprise pricing information is not published.

Before summer 2023 the pricing page said Enterprise license is free for 1-4 users. On summer 2022 the price was said to be 125 $ per user per month for 5 or more users.

Issues with Datalore licenses?

After signing up to the platform the very first time I received an error: No license key found.

When trying to run notebooks I got another error: Can't start the machine. For example the Plans tab was not showing in the Account settings.

The issue was fixed swiftly by Datalore customer service. The reason was that my email was tagged as a disposable one. Maybe because my email servers are not on Gmail or Outlook, but in German partly configured on my own.

Error in Datalore: No license key found.
Error in Datalore: No license key found.