Datalore is an online data science environment. Typical CTRL+C and CTRL+V commands do not work in the Datalore terminal, so here is the solution.

Paste text to Datalore terminal

Use keyboard shortcut SHIFT + insert.

Copy text from Datalore terminal

Keyboard combination CTRL + insert should work.

What is Datalore terminal?

Terminal is an alias for the operating system command line. You can execute commands directly in the virtual machine where Datalore is running.

Open the terminal in Datalore from Tools > Terminal.

This is convenient to list files, monitor memory usage, execute scripts and use git version control.

When do you need to paste text in Datalore terminal?

Here are common cases when text pasting to Datalore terminal becomes essential:

  • Paste passwords
  • Paste repository url when calling git clone
  • Paste long file name

When should you copy text from Datalore terminal?

Here are some situations when you might need to copy text from Datalore terminal:

  • Copy a long file name
  • Copy output of a script
  • Copy an error message