Predictive maintenance aims to repair the equipment before the failure actually happens. Scheduled maintenances minimize the production downtime especially in industrial companies. Even small improvements can sum up to big savings.

I wrote for my employer Unikie about the combination of machine learning and predictive maintenance. Unikie is best known for its autonomous driving related solutions.

Part 1 - Predictive maintenance in industrial business

In the firs blog post I walk you through the basic concepts of predictive maintenance. For example: What are the most common challenges and where does the monetary value come from?

Read in the Unikie blog: Experiences from predictive maintenance in industrial business .

Part 2 - Predictive maintenance tutorial for data scientists

The sequel is targeted for technical people such as data scientists, data engineers and software developers. The blog post contains a link to a GitHub project. There you can explore the imaginary maintenance dataset and a Python script that compares a few machine learning models.

Read in the Unikie blog: Predictive maintenance tutorial for data scientists .