SmartPredict is a no-code or low-code data science platform.

When to use SmartPredict

Small and medium businesses who want to take advantage of pre-defined templates for a specific use case.

SmartPredict pricing

Free tier enable jobs to run 20 hours in total. Deployment time span can be 30 minutes at minimum. Projects are limited to 5.

The premium tier is 149 $ per month without limitations in jobs run time, deployment span or number of projects. Also Storage goes from 5 units to 100 and maximum users from 5 to 20.

Hosting SmartPredict

SmartPredict is a fully managed service. There is no possibility to choose any other cloud provider.

Parallel computation

Distributed computation is possible with integrated Dask. Spark has not been mentioned.

Programming languages in

Python only. The platform heavily relies on low code approach.

Review of SmartPredict

SmartPredict is one of the few European options for an AI platform.

Streamlined worklflows for specific use cases makes. Managed compute makes it ideal for those who want to focus on analysis instead of resource management.

Pre-defined use cases for credit card fraud detection, sales forecasting and document segmentation among the others.

Over 30 data connectors available to various sources.

The platform is probably the simplest among all and very easy to understand. All parts of the workflow are made graphical.

Not suitable for those who want to write code from the beginning. Might lack most advanced customization options.

About SmartPredict

The company has been founded 2018 in France.