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Tables, sorting and filtering in Excel

Table objects have a few essential advanteges compared to normal cells. In Excel’s table object you can sort, filter and summarize data effortlessly as well as select the formatting that fits your needs. The table reference style also makes it easier to compose robust formulas.


  1. Duplicate one of the rows by copy paste method. Try the “Remove Duplicates” feature from the Table tools tab of the Ribbon.

  2. Insert a slicer from the Ribbon from the Table tools tab of the Ribbon. What is a slicer?

See the answer

  1. You can duplicate a row by adding a new one and then copy pasting data from one of the other rows. You can remove duplicates according to one or multiple columns.

  2. Slicers does basically the same than a filter for the selected column. It’s visual but not very advanced.

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