We all have our stories.

Professionally mine started 2011 in Tampere University of Technology. I spent my summers working on Excel projects instead of traditional summer jobs.

This blog started around 2014 out of desire to explore the world. Deals in a Chinese selfie stick factory. Excel training for 400 people. Founding an entrepreneur society. Filming a documentary. Traveling around the world. Cooper running project. And so on.

Since 2017 I have been working in various roles as a data professional in consulting and big industrial companies.

While turning to my 4th decade I want to keep the sincere curiosity of the 22-year old by pushing my limits and making every day a new adventure. But especially inspire you to try things you could not imagine to be possible.

- Mikael Ahonen


Here you find my CV.

From the readers

Yesterday I was looking for some exercise related stuff on the web and came across this blog/home page by entrepreneur and blogger Mikael Ahonen.

You can tell a good blog by the fact that you read them out of pure interest and don’t even realise how time passes, and this was just that. The topics are also very interesting, down-to-earth and varied (everything from long-haul travel to work fatigue) and somehow easy to relate, and they contain a lot of personal reflection or a good statistical set (the guy is some kind of data analyst). There were also a couple of topics on investing. Even the appearance of the homepage fits in nicely with the identity of the blog.

Perhaps the best thing about those texts is the authenticity and consistent and analytical determination of the author (read the skate article :D), exceptionally fluent language, captivating writing style, short paragraphs and the generally succinct posts. This is probably the best blog I’ve found or at least easily in the top 3 list.

I’ll keep reading…

- Kimi, comment on Inderes investor forum