Privacy statement


The site does not use cookies.

Site analytics

Page views and anonymized session information is stored for aggregated statistics. The analytics service is a German


Email processing

Email services are located in EU.

All tracking is disabled from the emails you receive from this domain.

Contact forms

Contact form data will be saved to email servers. The source url is saved on top of the user input. IP address might be saved to prevent spam.


Only your email address is stored.

Social media

The admin has no tool to connect a page visit to your social media profile.

GDPR and data removal

Contact site admin to remove your data.

External links

External links are marked with on icon where an arrow goes up right from a square:

Link to another site

This gives readers more control to affect their own privacy and security.

Sponsored posts

Commercial co-operation is declared like this in the blog posts:

Commercial co-operation: Company Ltd.

This means that the company has paid a fixed fee. The text is my own. The partner might have given minor comments.

Affiliate links

Affiliate links have been marked with a start icon:

Link to partner site

Affiliate links lead to the partner's website. The partner might pay a commission from registrations or similar transactions. The site visitor will not pay extra.


Add a comment

You can write your thoughts at the end of each blog post. The name will be visible. Email will not be published.

Delete a comment

Contact me using the same email that you used for commenting and request deletion.

Modify a comment

Request deletion of the old comment and write a new one.

Good commenting habits

I encourage to commenting. Also ciritque is allowed.

Nevertheless, the admin has right to remove inappropriate comments.

Mentioning your own products and services is ok, but purely marketing based comments are not.

Stored information

This information is saved to our servers:

  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Your message
  • Time posted

Email is not published on the website.

Commenting process

At the moment comments are handled manually when the site is updated.

When you go to the page, you download the user interface of the bingo generator in your browser. Information about the page load is saved anonymously to evaluate the app popularity. The app does not send any other data to the server.

The app saves the latest options to the browser cache of your device for convenience.

Content generation with AI

Since 11/2023 artificial intelligence tools might help with text content:

  • Generating blog drafts for a given topic
  • Converting individual sentences to structured format
  • Suggestions for article headers

The final text is always personalized by the author.

Some texts are translated with services like Google Translate or DeepL. They are always proofread by a human.

Images in travel stories and articles about personal experiences are authentic but might be cropped and slightly enhanced. Some illustration images are from image banks and they might be artificially generated. Images that are relevant part of the story and could be confused to real life objects are captioned accordingly. An example could be a face of a well-known person.