Lecture 8 - String functions and advanced formulas in Excel

Excel has a set of powerful text manipulation formulas. In this lecture you will learn to apply SUBSTITUTE(), MID(), FIND() and LEN().

Lecture 7 - Tables, sorting and filtering in Excel

In Excel's table object you can sort, filter and summarize data effortlessly as well as select the formatting that fits your needs.

Lecture 6 - Cell references and named ranges in Excel

Excel cell references are important part of formulas. Learn the difference between the absolute and relative reference.

Lecture 5 - Number formats, dates and time in Excel

Number formats allow you to preserve the original cell value while displaying it as percentage, currency, date or time format.

Lecture 4 - Copy and paste in Excel

It's possible to paste only specific components of you data such as formulas, values or formattings. Make you workbook great again.

Lecture 3 - The Basics of Excel Formulas

In the Excel formula basics lecture we'll first mix numbers and text to create generic sentences and then we use SUM and IF.

Lecture 2 - Formatting Cells in Excel

Learn how formatting cells in Excel works. Change font color, autofit column width, merge cells and use bold text and bordered cells.

Lecture 1 - Introduction to Excel

Introduction to Microsoft Excel. What is workbook and worksheet? How to add and delete worksheets? Where to save and open Excel files?