Google Cloud ML Engineer certification - Training and preparing

I am preparing for Google Cloud Professional Machine Learning Engineer certification .

Machine learning products in Google Cloud

This is a summary of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) products relevant for Machine Learning Engineer role.

BigQuery for ML Engineers in Google Cloud

BigQuery is by far the most important storage and processing service in Google Cloud from ML perspective.

Vertex AI for ML Engineers in Google Cloud

Some Google materials refer to it as Fully managed Tensorflow.

Machine learning fundamentals

Notes about fundamental ML concepts for Google Cloud ML Engineering certification.

Dataflow for ML Engineers in Google Cloud

Dataflow product in Google Cloud is mandatory for advanced data processing pipelines for machine learning solutions.

Introduction to neural networks for ML

I heard about artificial neural networks first time around 2017. Since then I have tried to understand their behavior and explain them in a simple way.

Recommendation systems in Google Cloud

Recommendation systems are useful to personalize experience and find relevant items among huge catalogs.

Are cloud certificates beneficial?

Cloud certificates are proof of developer’s competence. But are they beneficial in practice?

Tensorflow for ML Engineers

I have more experience from Pandas and Scikit-Learn Python libraries compared to Tensorflow.

Tensorflow Extended (TFX) for MLOps

Tensorflow Extended (known as TFX) is a framework to define ML pipelines.

Keras for basic neural networks

Keras is one of the high level APIs in Tensorflow deep learning stack.

Neural networks for image recognition

Some notes about image recognition while preparing for Google Cloud MLE certification.

Neural networks for natural language processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) refers to tools and methods to explore text data as well as identifiy patterns and making predictions.

MLOps in Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform has excellent toolset to operationalize and productionize machine learning models.

I became a certified Google Cloud Professional Machine Learning Engineer!

After 4 months of intense studying I passed the Google Cloud certification for Professional Machine Learning Engineer!

30 questions for Google Cloud Professional Machine Learning Engineer exam

Around 30 questions I memorize from the Google Cloud Professional Machine Learning certification exam.