Lesotho is a nation where time feels to be stopped. As the Grande finale of my trip I did a real grand old man of all hikes.

A nation that seized the time - Lesotho

23.1.2017 - 29.1.2017 I tell about three excursion that I made in Drakensberg mountains close to Lesotho border. This is my last travelogue from around the world trip.

Traveling from Cape Town to Durban as part of my around the world trip. Durban was dangerous place.

Robberies in South Africa

9.1.2017 - 21.1.2016 Around the world trip has proceeded to the last continent. The three dots in South Africa from left to right are: Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban.

The top attraction of Cape Town were beautiful Table Mountain and the Cape of Good Hope. The society has it problems, though.

Cape Town

30.12.2016 - 8.1.2017 The route of the around the world trip so far. In this blog we are in Cape Town, South Africa.