Comparing the major machine learning platforms AWS SageMaker, Azure Machine Learning, Google Vertex AI and Databricks.

Comparison of machine learning platforms in major clouds

This blog post compares machine learning platforms from major cloud providers Azure, AWS and Google Cloud. Also Databricks platform has been included.

How to  fool a web service about your actual location? In an experiment I pretended being in Ireland while traveling in Sweden.

Faking your geographical location to a web service - A hobby project

I wrote to my previous employer’s blog about an experiment where I tried to fake my geographical location to a web service.

A tutorial for parallel computation with Spark and Python. The example has been ran on AWS cloud computing platform.

Spark + Python tutorial for data developers

Go to Spark + Python tutorial in AWS Glue in Solita’s data blog. Spark and parallel computing A shop cashier can only serve a limited amount of customers at a given time.

AWS Glue service works especially well for big data batch processing. Read the full post from data.solita.fi.

Introduction to AWS Glue for big data ETL

Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing platform consists of many individual services. Each of them solves a single well defined problem.