List of business intelligence tools

List of business intelligence, reporting and data pipeline tools. Reporting tools Reporting and business intelligence tools.

Datalore tech review

Datalore is a collaborative data science platform. The notebook experience has been taken to the next level.

Visualizing Finland's postal codes in a Filled map in Google Looker Studio

Visualize Finland’s postal code areas on a map in Google Looker Studio.

Shape Map visualization of Finland's postal codes in Power BI Desktop

with these instructions, you can visualize Finland’s postal code areas on a map in Power BI Desktop.

Public report in Looker Studio requires login - Instructions to solve

Looker Studio is a free reporting and business intelligence tool in Google Cloud.

Databox for enterprise reporting - Review and demo

Databox enables elegant reports in a SaaS interface to be shared and published both internally and outside the organization.

Introduction to AWS Glue for big data ETL

AWS Glue service works especially well for big data batch processing. Read the full post from

Csv headers to list using Python

Python code to automatically list header fields of multiple CSV files. The original use case was related to data warehouse documentation.

Introduction to Excel Power tools

Excel Power BI lisäosien perheeseen kuuluvat Power Query, Power Pivot, Power Map ja Power View nopeassa esittelyssä.

Data science and business intelligence - Definitions

It's easy to spot these hype terms like data science, big data in LinkedIn or exhibition posters. I summarized the definitions.