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Clustering time series data with SQL - Nice 3D visualization using simple logic. Python notebook example in GitHub with industrial data.

Clustering data using SQL - An example with industrial IoT data

Clustering time series data with SQL. The purpose of this experiment was to prove that doing data science doesn’t always require fancy tools.

AWS Glue service works especially well for big data batch processing. Read the full post from data.solita.fi.

Introduction to AWS Glue for big data ETL

Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing platform consists of many individual services. Each of them solves a single well defined problem.

In Excel's table object you can sort, filter and summarize data effortlessly as well as select the formatting that fits your needs.

Lecture 7 - Tables, sorting and filtering in Excel

Back to Excel course main page Tables, sorting and filtering in Excel Table objects have a few essential advanteges compared to normal cells.