I developed a web app for personal wealth management - Presenting the result from 6 years of work

I started my first full-time job just over 6 years ago, at the end of my university studies.

Bingo generator - Print bingo papers for wedding and other events

Printing bingo tickets for a wedding, excursion or company party?

Google Keep vs Evernote - Requirements for your note app

Personally, I use a note app to store ideas, observations, travel tickets and debts that should be quickly accessible.

Toggl - Recording work hours to log has never been such enjoyable

Toggl is a mobile app for work hour recording and management. Toggl is not great because of the uniqueness but simplicity.

Creating my first Android app - How long it takes?

Creating and Android app has been in my task list a good whil but now I decided to take the pivotal step. How long would it take?

Splitwise - Split costs easily

Splitwise is a fresh and simple mobile application to split costs. Read experiences to see whether you should download it too.

Wunderlist - Simple and reliable task list

According to my experiences Wunderlist task list is extremely robust choice. Read more about my recommendations.