Go web server in Docker deployed to Google Cloud Run

I created a web server with Go language and deployed it Google Cloud Run inside a Docker container.

Machine learning products in Google Cloud

This is a summary of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) products relevant for Machine Learning Engineer role.

EmailLabs - EU based service for 9 000 free transactional emails per month

During my website migration it became evident that I would also need a new email service.

Pipedrive Essential vs Advanced - Comparison of features and pricing on 2020

Pipedrive Essential and Advanced are by far the most popular plans among my customers. A comparison of different subscriptions.

Experiences from funding application classification by text analytics

Experiences from funding application classification by text analytics

Unpivot columns to rows with Excel PowerQuery

Unpivoting columns to rows with Excel PowerQuery. Watch 30 seconds video how to do it without any formulas.

Csv headers to list using Python

Python code to automatically list header fields of multiple CSV files. The original use case was related to data warehouse documentation.

This is how I make my every minute productive

Power methods for knowledge workers to get your productivity to the next level: Technology, Ergonomy, Work habits and Task automation.

Lecture 3 - The Basics of Excel Formulas

In the Excel formula basics lecture we'll first mix numbers and text to create generic sentences and then we use SUM and IF.