List of business intelligence tools

List of business intelligence, reporting and data pipeline tools. Reporting tools Reporting and business intelligence tools.

Google Colab - Easily accessible Python workspace

Google Colab is a low barrier option to run Python scripts.

Datalore tech review

Datalore is a collaborative data science platform. The notebook experience has been taken to the next level.

List of data science platforms

Comprehensive list of data science platforms. Sometimes known also as machine learning platforms, ai platforms or DSML platforms.

ClearML - Robust MLOps platform for end-to-end solutions

Robust MLOps platform for end-to-end solutions. - Flexible Kubernetes deployments for advanced data science teams

For technically advanced teams looking for flexible Kubernetes deployments.

SmartPredict - Specific use cases with fully managed low code

Specific use cases with fully managed low code.

Paperspace Gradient - ML platform with their own data centers and IPU processors

Paperspace Gradient machine learning platform is best known from extensive GPU support.

Saturn Cloud - Data science workspace with Dask cluster

Saturn Cloud is a greate choice for data science teams who want to maximize flexibility of their environment.

Datalore - Introduction to the advanced analytics platform

Datalore is a fairly recent online platform for advanced data analytics.

Bodo is a faster alternative for Spark to run massive ETL jobs in Python

Bodo is a platform for data processing with Python and SQL.

DataCamp - Learn data science online

Experiences from DataCamp online training. Structured data science courses are easy to organize for yourself or a team.

Databox for enterprise reporting - Review and demo

Databox enables elegant reports in a SaaS interface to be shared and published both internally and outside the organization.

Google Keep vs Evernote - Requirements for your note app

Personally, I use a note app to store ideas, observations, travel tickets and debts that should be quickly accessible.

Toggl - Recording work hours to log has never been such enjoyable

Toggl is a mobile app for work hour recording and management. Toggl is not great because of the uniqueness but simplicity.