Around Iceland in 9 days - Terrain from another planet

Practical advices when going around Iceland by car in 9 days. Should you stay in hotel, what to eat and what to wear in June? Photo gallery.

Credit card not working at Iceland N1 gas stations

Credit card not working in Iceland N1 gas stations? Buy a prepaid fuel card from the cashier.

Hiking in Banff and Jasper national parks - RoadĀ trip in Alberta, Canada

Road trip to Banff and Jasper national parks at the skirts of Rocky Mountains goes definitely at the top among all places I have visited.

Industrial Engineering and Management in career - Video answers to questions from students

Video blog series - Industrial Engineering and Management in career See the answers in the Youtube playlist.

A nation that seized the time - Lesotho

Lesotho is a nation where time feels to be stopped. As the Grande finale of my trip I did a real grand old man of all hikes.

Robberies in South Africa

Traveling from Cape Town to Durban as part of my around the world trip. Durban was dangerous place.

Cape Town

The top attraction of Cape Town were beautiful Table Mountain and the Cape of Good Hope. The society has it problems, though.

From the Edge of the World to the Devil's throat - South America

Second part from South America. The nature pics are worth seeing! I also made a bus ticket seller so angry that I got in trouble.

Traveling through Patagonia

This time I was totally alone. Once again I had no plans prepared and the plane would land in a few hours to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

A place like a story book - New Zealand

The whole country was like a painting. Let's start with a mellow video of the jump to chilly mountain stream in New Zealand.

Work stress that shouldn't exist - Newcastle, Australia

Newcastle, Australia. If I would be planning a torture chamber to a medieval castle I would contact Tiger Air company for sure.

Alice Springs to Darwin by car

The trip from Alice Springs to Darwin was full of adventure. Sand and dust had changed to thermal pools, waterfalls and tropical plants.

A deadly formula - Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon

Uluru is one the best known landmarks in Australia. Finding it was not too difficult in Australia's Northern Territory.

One-way ticket - Traveling around the world

Traveling around the world without a truck load of money and humongous preparations? It is possible.